The Present and Future of Real Estate in Baja California

The Present and Future of Real Estate in Baja California

The Present and Future of Real Estate in Baja California

By Rudy Valdes

The Present and Future of Real Estate in Baja CaliforniaWhen it comes to our Baja California, I have never before considered the term “future” to be more appropriate than it is now. The future has arrived! The growth of investments in the region continues to increase and many buyers have found that investing in our property is among the safest and cost-effective way to gain a return on investment.

The figures speak for themselves. Using an example from a few years ago, we see that growth in the value of properties has secured financial protection for investors. Besides actually causing their investments to grow and flourish, there’s nothing that compares to Real Estate in this region when considering receiving a return on investment. This is true whether the property is on the coast, on a mountain or in a city. Tijuana is a perfect example of a growing city whose extensive expansion continues to generate new business opportunities.

This cosmopolitan area attracts people from many parts of the Mexican Republic, as well as hardworking people from Southern California who have decided to settle down on this side of the border. All of those arriving are enriching the cultural and economic wealth of the region. Several condo buildings and luxury homes are under construction, stretching from the renovated center of the city and reaching traditional as well as new neighborhoods, all showing progress and, indeed, a very promising future.

With reference to the beautiful ocean views, I’m happy to report that there are several developments located in the microclimate of Real del Mar, south of the growing and prosperous Playas de Tijuana, as well as other available well-built homes all along the coast that offer highly desirable and peaceful ocean views. These exist past Rosarito all the way to the emblematic Bajamar Ocean Front Golf Resort, north of Ensenada, known as “The Cinderella of the Pacific.”

Cuisine, a category that has grown in quality and quantity throughout the state, is made possible by the freshness of the vegetables, fruits and first class sea food, all of which produced in the region.

There are many world-renowned chefs in Baja California who offer our guests dining experiences filled with unparalleled originality, exquisite flavor and ultimate freshness. Excellent wines from the region bear the hallmarks of superior quality and serve as perfect complements to our notable cuisine. As a result, these wines, ranging from soft and fruity whites to reds with deep color and aroma, have all earned worldwide recognition.

There is much more to learn and appreciate in this recreational mecca with its natural landscape along the sea and coast. Some enjoy hiking through our gorgeous mountains, appreciating the charm of a relaxing natural landscape, taking walks along the shoreline, or just meditating and resting in the serene hillside locales. Accordingly, the development at Rancho Tecate has succeeded in restoring a sense of tranquility for those visitors who come to enjoy these desirable features, in large part, for those who have mastered mixing business with pleasure.

In this regard, an investment in Rancho Tecate will contribute to many pleasures that your entire family can enjoy. The interactive experiences between buyers and visitors, getting to know and falling in love with this exceptional land, and learning about all its natural resources, is all part of the journey.

If you are interested in fantastic wine, our guides can teach you how to grow and make your own from scratch. There are other workshops where you can learn the entire process of creating unique blends for bottles or barrels. For those who dare to seek more adventure, we offer the necessary support to those wishing to plant their own personal or family vineyards in order to produce “private label” reserves through our cellar.

We provide delicious healthy meals to accompany our quality wines, which is all part of the continuing transition which began a few years ago. We are moving forward from being a private kitchen into becoming a trendy safe farming environment, offering local poultry and meat that can be processed and prepared right at your table.

Our investors are committed to the community, dedicated to the preservation of the environment and aligned with the wisdom of nature. If you choose to invest in Baja California, you will find good property at prices that are a mere fraction of the cost of any comparable property in the State of California.

The majestic landscapes, beautiful coastline, solid construction of new buildings that all help to make our region spectacular and unique, can become part of the “happily ever after” that you can start enjoying from the very first day of your investment. In addition, you might also enjoy having the peace of mind that goes with our proven record of providing a great return on investment over the years.

We are not too far away and we are always standing by to give you a tour of this wonderful region that is full of color, history and flavor.

Rudy Valdes is Vice President at Group Valcas
Currently developing Rancho Tecate Resort “Live in a Wine Country”…
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