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The Health Quest

Jump start your personal wellness

By Beth Purcell

Who doesn’t long for optimal health? From New Year’s resolutions with specific weight loss goals, to promises of engaging in more physical fitness activities weekly to making healthier food choices daily, most all of us are on a continual quest to be healthier.

There is no denying that physical activity, fresh organic whole foods and healthy BMI are all paramount, but another thing that can jump start personal wellness is a concentrated, targeted program with optimal health in mind. Carving out any amount of time to focus on wellness is beneficial, but getting away to focus exclusively on wellness is more powerful. Taking a few days, a week, or even longer can really help to deconstruct old patterns and set you on the path toward healthier ones.

I know, I know, who has time to focus exclusively on their wellness? Bills need to be paid, children need to be driven about, and most of us are already over committed in myriad other ways. But if you look deeper, you’ll find that many times it’s this “busyness” that is part of the problem. We’re so busy reacting to what is coming at us, that we’re almost always in a state of at least low-grade anxiety. Anxiety coupled with a nearly constant feeling of lack of time can easily lead us to making terrible food choices, skimping on sleep and skipping the physical activity that we so desperately need.

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Sometimes what we really need is a re-boot; a time away from it all to access where we are on the health spectrum, to eat healthy organic meals, to get ample sleep and to generally nourish ourselves and explore methods that we can use in our day-to-day lives to increase our health and sense of well being.

That’s where something like Hotel Coral & Ma­rina’s Wellness Program comes in. And this past November, our very own Editor-in-Chief, Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo was invited along with a few other CEO’s to get away from it all and focus on themselves… “The program was amazing, they truly thought about every single detail. I’m so grateful for this opportunity,” said Mayté. It’s a half week residential program. You spend four days and three nights focusing exclusively on your health. The program provides not only 3 nutritious meals a day, oceanfront yoga and power walks, vineyard experi­ences (including yoga), circuit training in the gym and spa services (think massage, facial and hair), but also thematic talks on well­ness, meditation and lessons on physical consciousness.

Physical consciousness? What does that even mean? At Coral & Marina this means the Feldenkrais Method, which uses gentle controlled movement and directed attention to improve overall functioning and sense of awareness. It’s based on the principles of physics, biomechanics and empirical understanding and was developed in Israel in the 1940s by Moshe Feldenkrais. Now practiced worldwide, the program is designed for all levels and abilities. You learn at your own pace – and with this learning comes the modification of old habits and patterns that cause tension and even injury, as well as the benefits of better balance and posture and increased flexibility and coordination.

The Wellness Program is led by Logan Fisher, a San Diego-based yogi and Feldenkrais instructor. Logan is extremely well qualified, passionate about Feldenkrais and meticulous about every detail of the weekend. He coordinates and leads the majority of the weekend activates and is also responsible for the menu. “I am very particular about what participants will be eating. The food must be very clean, but nourishing. I am so particular, in fact, that I even insist that it’s prepared with specific cookware,” he explains.

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Logan brings this incredible attention to detail to every aspect of the weekend, and is also very successful at fostering a sense of community for participants. “The sense of group learning and sharing as friends gave me confidence and trust,” states one recent participant.

Logan is also expert at gauging where participants are in their wellness journey and what they need to stay engaged and move forward. “Logan’s personality as an instructor is enticing and almost hypnotic,” offers another past participant. He has a real desire to share the benefits of general wellness, and specifically the Feldenkrais Method with all.

Coral & Marina provides the perfect location and amenities to support this dedication. If you’ve not visited recently, there is now a lovely outdoor oceanfront veranda space, “the island,” for yoga practice and events, and the upgraded Fitness Center now offers top-of-the-line, Italian-made Technogym equipment.

This past November, the Wellness Program weekend included a yoga master class and lecture by Alejandro Maldonado, the immensely popular Mexico-City-based yoga instructor.

“I’m in love with the location, it’s like an island. I could teach there every single day. It’s not just a magnificent setting with incredible facilities, but also; and this is hard to find, a place that is focused on wellness in its most honest way,” states Alejandro.

“The energy here is very particular and people were very focused, and paying so much attention to every single word an every single pose; that is always very powerful,” he continues.

And all this coming from an instructor who practices and teaches to thousands all over the world!

Clearly Coral & Marina’s Wellness Program is something special, and worth the trip if you’re not local. Roundtrip transportation from San Diego is provided in the program cost, so a departure from there is a great option. Additionally, the program is limited to 20 people to ensure an intimate experience with plenty of individual attention.

In 2016 there are wellness weekends scheduled at Hotel Coral & Marina in March, April, June, July and September, with more possible at the end of the year. If you’re due for a wellness jump-start, this is an amazing and in-reach opportunity – so why not get it on your calendar?

You can contact Coral & Marina directly for more details:


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