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11,847 Population
687 Miles from the International Border
80° Avg. Temp.

The city of Loreto was founded on an extraordinary bay of islands by Jesuit priest, Juan María de Salvatierra, on October 25, 1697. Here he founded the first mission Nuestra Señora de Loreto, as well as the Capital of the Californias.

Loreto is a natural playground for anyone who loves the outdoor life. Its azure, clear waters and tranquil coves provide scuba divers and snorkelers unparalleled underwater beauty and an explosion of marine life. Around the island, sportsmen will find perhaps the greatest fishing in the world, with record catches of sailfish, tuna and dorado.

Sea kayakers glide across Loreto’s bays to camp at remote beaches and sleep under the stars. For people with more land-bound interests, the Sierra provides many opportunities for mountain biking, horseback trail rides and hiking over ancient trails used for hundreds of years. Whether land or sea, Loreto offers visitors a diverse range of things to do and see.


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