Kathy Bowling

Kathy Bowling

Kathy Bowling

A World Traveler Who Loves Cabo

By Pat Tyson

“My journey began in England in the county of Kent – in what is called the Garden of Eden,” says Kathy Bowling, an International Interior Decorator. It was here that, at an early age, she learned to appreciate the beauty of her natural surroundings.

Educated in Rochester, Kent, she started with Retail and Design, then transitioned into Interior Decorating, training with top Interior Designers. With the purpose of purchasing special items for some of her past clients, she has traveled to Guadalajara and acquired many wonderfully designed pieces from Mexico, adapting them to her work in the Caribbean.

“My last few projects have been in Antigua West Indies,” she says. “I have always loved colors and textures, from a little girl to this very day, creating beautiful homes for a variety of clients gives me the most immense joy!”

For years, she followed her path with her Hotelier husband, Peter Bowling, who is now Managing Director of One&Only Palmilla, the iconic resort in Los Cabos. This provided her with many opportunities to meet delightful people from different parts of the world and, finally, led her to discover Baja with him.

“Meeting my husband in England and following his career path for the past thirty years has taken us to many beautiful and amazing places throughout the Caribbean, the United States, Ireland and to Mexico,” Bowling relates. “I never thought for a moment that we could be living in Baja California Sur.” They live in a charming home in Palmilla, close to the resort and, also, have owned a home in Barbados for many years.

Having lived and visited various countries around the world, she found her trip to India awe-inspiring and has it on her “wish-list” to return. Now, she says, she can’t wait to visit more of the special locations throughout Mexico.

The Bowlings have lived in Cabo for nearly ten years, the longest they have resided in any one location to date. Since Odile, construction has been booming with building projects and changed the area quite significantly in the past two years, and she feels certain that it really has the best climate in the world! She is not involved with Peter’s work in any capacity, but supports him in entertaining guests at the hotel, or will discuss something that may not seem to be quite in order. Leading such busy lives, they enjoy and treasure their precious time together. “We are fortunate to live in a resort area with a perfect climate, to daily breathe in clean air, and to eat fresh organic foods,” she says. “We have many wonderful dining options, but my personal favorite, apart from the One&Only Palmilla with Seared Suviche and Agua By Larbi, are the Organic Farms of Flora Farms and Tamarindo’s, where I relish the farm-to-fork experience – and driving off the coastal road to beautiful farmlands in the middle of the desert. What could be more perfect than this?”

She also finds pleasure in the night life in San José which, she says, offers lovely small restaurants. There, her favorite is La Patrona, where she considers the food and ambience to be just exquisite. She loves all ethnic foods and is willing to try most dishes; she likes spicy food, so Mexican fits the bill very nicely!

Bowling says she loves the Mexican people – for whom she has the greatest respect – for their work ethics and natural professionalism. “It is the Mexican people that allows Baja to be a leader in the Tourism industry,” she adds.

As for her own work ethic, she says, this came from her late father, who instilled that in her at an early age. It has carried her through completing projects, no matter how difficult, with commitment and determination. Her family in England includes her sister and a niece, the latter having a young daughter whom they happily share, she laughs. She also likes cultural and sports activities.

“I appreciate the Polo events, The Gala de Dance, The Film Festival, World Class Tennis, and the new Mexican Huichol Show in Puerto Los Cabos, which is a “must” for all to see; it’s breathtaking!” she exclaims. And each winter season she always enjoys the Art Walk in San José; seeing the local community blend in with the tourists makes this a very special evening for her. However, it is her career from which she derives the most pleasure.

“It gives me the opportunity to work with my clients from all over the world, creating individual homes to suit their taste and inspire them, whenever I can, to use color!” she explains. “I appreciate most the indoor/outdoor living environment of my work in creating for my clients’ amazing homes, many of whom have become friends over time. This, in turn, has allowed me to work again on many additional projects for them as the years have gone by.” Bowling has always had a motto in life, which is:

“Onward and forward one step at a time, appreciating the joys and blessings of living and working with many cultures along my journey called life!”



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