Beth Purcell Cordasco

Beth Purcell Cordasco

Beth Purcell Cordasco

2013-14 Pulitzer Prize

Our very own Pulitzer prize is presented to Beth Purcell Cordasco for her dedication to Traveler Publications. Traveler Publications has been promoting the Best of Mexico in its annual glossy presentations and distributing them all over the world for the past 15 years.

Beth has served as a Senior Editor for Traveler Publications for 13 years. An award- winning writer, Beth has grown up right along with Traveler Publications, from its infancy to its current standing as the most widely distributed English language travel magazine focused on Mexico in the world. Her long-term involvement with Traveler Publications has entailed traveling to many amazing places in Mexico to interview people and gather data. “I never cease to be amazed by the warmth of the people I encounter in Mexico. Whether it be a top chef, successful entrepreneur or resort staff member, people are willing to share their personal perspective with heartfelt insight and humor, and are always so welcoming.”

With a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies, Beth is well versed in cultures and history south of the U.S. border. Although her Master’s thesis and the research focused on urban Brazil, much study was devoted to Mexico, with the Huichol people of Western Mexico, and the Mixteca and Mayan peoples of Southern Mexico holding a special interest for her.

Consequently, Beth delights in heading up the Traveler Publications book reviews, which highlight new publications on all manner of Mexican history, ethnology, environment, lifestyle and travel.

Beth is the long-time Editorial Director of MedLink Corp, an online a medical publishing company based in San Diego, CA. Her work there has taught her much about presenting health information in a timely, accurate and efficient manner. This wealth of experience in developing current and dynamic health information is why Beth authors Traveler Publication’s medical and health articles. From plastic surgery procedures, to acupuncture to yoga and meditation, Beth provides details and insight into medical and health issues.

“I always know I can depend on Beth to provide balanced and thoughtful coverage of the stories she cover,” says Mayté Rodríguez Cedillo. “Her background in medical writing and her love for Mexico ensures that the information is reliable and well researched.”

Beth has bylines in print and online media, including BajaTraveler®, Mexico Traveler®,, Sun Country Airlines and Yogi Tunes. She was a member of the American Medical Writers Association and is the graduate of various travel writing workshops. She has three beautiful daughters and a committed yoga practice, and nothing makes her happier than spending time with her girls, and on her mat, in Mexico.

“We applaud Beth’s outstanding contributions in support to Mexico’s tourism and to Traveler Publications. It is with sincere appreciation that we thank Beth Purcell Cordasco for her years of friendship and service in promoting the best of Mexico,” concluded Mayté.


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