Month: June 2016

Sylvia Mendoza

Sylvia Mendoza

Sylvia has served as Senior Editor for Traveler Publications for the past five years. An award winning writer, growing up a Navy brat, Sylvia lived in different versions of paradise like Hawaii, Guam, San Diego and – later in life – Puerto Rico.

Villa One

Villa One

Imagine watching Cabo’s breathtaking sunset with margaritas and Mexican canapés after a session in the private spa treatment room while a dedicated culinary team prepares dinner to your exact specifications.

The Health Quest

The Health Quest

Who doesn’t long for optimal health? From New Year’s resolutions with specific weight loss goals, to promises of engaging in more physical fitness activities weekly to making healthier food choices daily, most all of us are on a continual quest to be healthier.

todos santos

Todos Santos

Plan to make Todos Santos more than a day trip from Los Cabos this year, because there is plenty to do to keep the whole family busy, and the Guaycura Boutique Hotel & Spa is the perfect place for a family stay.

the magic of golf in mexico | Baja Traveler

The Magic of Golf in Mexico

Golf was introduced in Mexico just over a hundred years ago, which is shocking considering today it is the type of golf destination that will make you wonder if it is the best you have ever visited.


Known as the “Cinderella of the Pacific,” Ensenada is located 70 miles south of the international border.

Los Cabos Restaurants

Los Cabos Restaurants

The corridor connecting Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo is a culinary minefield exploding with a plethora of fine dining options.

Noche de Cofradía | Baja Traveler

Noche de Cofradía

The art of wine making in the food industry extends to pairing the right wine with the foods placed in front of them for the best culinary experience.

Genaro Ruiz | Baja Traveler

Genaro Ruíz

In a state where 74 percent of the gross domestic product is generated by tourism, Genaro Ruíz feels honored to have been named Secretary of Tourism of Baja California Sur by Governor Carlos Mendoza.

Ron Hatfield | Baja Traveler

Ron Hatfield

One of Cabo’s original visionaries, Ron Hatfield has spent more than 20 years creating a lifestyle that has not only set a precedent in Mexico but has been recognized worldwide as an exemplar of the luxury residential resort lifestyle.

Raul Petraglia | Baja Traveler

Raul Petraglia

In addition to the traditional responsibilities of a General Manager, Raul Petraglia, Managing Director of ME Cabo, must be involved in every aspect of the customer’s experience.


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